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Host family Zhang-Beijing-170530


We are a 4-member family. Our lovely twins are 6 years old now. One boy and one girl who are both clever and well-behaved. They are about to attend the international school soon, so we think it’s necessary to host an au pair to help them with their English and spend some quality time with them. We used to host a girl from Australia and had a great time.

Host family Zhu-Beijing-170601


We are a family of 4 living in Shunyi, Beijing. The parents are very busy with our work, but we take our family life very seriously. So every day, we dedicate some time to play with our sons. On weekends, we spend plenty of time to have lots of fun activities together, such as seeing cultural performance, watching matches and field trips. We expect to host a native English speaker who would like to spend some quality time with our children and help them learn English.