Project Description

Being an Au Pair in the USA


An au pair must be aged between 18 and 26 years old.


The au pair takes part in the host family’s normal household tasks. Mostly this means child care and light household duties. Work contents need to be agreed upon by the host family and the au pair.


Pocket money

Your au pair receives a weekly pocket money of 195.75 US dollars.

Board and lodging

Your au pair receives free board and lodging throughout the entire period of time he/she stays with your family. This includes times of illness and the au pair’s vacation.

Tuition fees

As a host family you pay the costs of academic courses for your au pair amounting up to 500 US dollars per year.

Working hours

Your au pair works up to 45 hours per week. He/she shall not work more than 10 hours a day.

Free time

Your au pair is entitled to receive 1.5 free days per week and one free weekend per month. The free weekend starts on Friday evening and ends on Monday morning.


When staying with your family for one year, your au pair is entitled to 2 weeks (10 work days) of paid holiday.

Childcare courses

Prior to the au pair placement, he/she must complete one “Child Safety” (at least 8 hours) and one “Child Development” course (at least 24 hours). It is obligatory to attend further courses in the USA.

Language course

Some agencies offer language courses for au pairs. In some cases, taking part in these courses is compulsory.