Project Description

Being an Au Pair in Switzerland


An au pair must be aged between 18 and 25 years old.


The main duty of your au pair is to look after children. Helping with light housework can be asked as well.

Travel costs

The au pair has to bear the travel costs him/herself. In some cantons though it is the host family who has to pay for the travel expenses. Please get in touch with the cantonal authorities for further information.

Pocket money

An au pair usually gets a net monthly salary of 500 to 800 CHF depending on the respective Canton (plus board and lodging).

Duration of stay

The contract of employment is to be for a maximum of 12 months. For EU- and EFTA-citizens the contract between the au pair and the host family can be prolonged by another 12 months.

Working hours

May not exceed 30 hours per week and 5 hours per day. The au pair is entitled to at least 1,5 days off per week. The au pair should have his/her day off at least on 1 Sunday per month. At least one parent must be present during half of the au pair’s working hours.


The au pair is entitled to at least 4 weeks of holidays (up to the age of 20 years inclusively, the au pair is entitled to 5 weeks of holidays)

Language course

The au pair must attend a language course of at least 4 hours per week. The employer has to pay the language course fees.


The employer has to conclude a health insurance with an accredited insurance company for the au pair. This insurance shall cover the consequences of illness (including sickness benefit) and accidents. The employer pays 100% of the workmen’s compensation insurance fees and 50% of the rest of fees.

Social security contributions

The employer has to register the au pair with the Swiss Compensation Office. 50% of the fees for social contributions may be deducted from the au pair employee’s salary.


Au pair employees are subject to taxation and must be informed about this by the employer. Tax at source may be deducted from the au pair’s salary.