Project Description

Being an au pair in Spain


An au pair must be aged between 18 and 28 years old.


The au pair takes part in the host family’s normal household tasks. Mostly this means child care and light household duties. Work contents need to be agreed upon by the host family and the au pair.


Hosting an au pair consequently implies higher living costs. An au pair is an additional adult living at your home.

Board and lodging:

An au pair is entitled to free board and lodging at your home during the entire stay. The same applies in case of illness and during the au pair’s holidays. Furthermore, the au pair receives a weekly pocket money from you.

Pocket money:

Au pairs in Spain earn 50-70 euros per week.

Working hours

There are no official regulations on how many hours an au pair should work in Spain. However, according to our experience, we recommend 30 working hours per week (babysitting included).

Free time

Au pairs in Spain are entitled to one day off per week. One day a month, this day should be a Sunday.


There are no consistent regulations concerning the au pair holiday in Spain. You should come to an agreement with your au pair well in advance on how much holiday he/she will be entitled to. Our recommendation: an au pair gets four weeks of holidays provided that he/she stays with your family for 12 months. Au pairs and host families can take this value as a basis for calculating the amount of holiday in case of longer or shorter placements.

Language course

An au pair should attend a Spanish language course in order to optimally learn the language. The au pair normally bears the costs himself/herself. As a host family, you may help your au pair to find an appropriate language course.