Project Description

Host Family Intro

Greetings from Beijing! Firstly, we would like to introduce our family to you. We are a 4-member family. Our lovely twins are 6 years old now. One boy and one girl who are both clever and well-behaved. They are about to attend the international school soon, so we think it’s necessary to host an au pair to help them with their English and spend some quality time with them. We used to host a girl from Australia and had a great time.

Family & Program Key Facts

  • City: Beijing
  • Kids: Twins, boy and girl, 6 years old
  • Parents:  Business owners
  • Ideal Au Pair: Female, fluent English speaker
  • Ideal Duration: 3 months
  • Ideal Starting date: End of May
  • Hosting Experience: We hosted a girl from Australia last year.
  • Others: The family travels a lot and would love to take au pair together.

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