Project Description

Being an Au Pair in France


An au pair must be aged between 18 and 28 years old.


As an au pair in France, you will mainly be looking after your host family’s children and help with light housework.


Hosting an au pair implies higher living costs. After all, you will have another adult living at your home throughout the entire au pair placement.

Board and food

Your au pair is entitled to free board and food throughout his/her entire stay as an au pair. He/she should also have an own room.

Pocket money

Your au pair receives a monthly pocket money of 261,75 € to 314,10 €. You need to include this amount in your au pair contract.

Placement period

You can host an au pair from three months to one year. The placement can be extended to a maximum of 18 months.

Working hours

The time dedicated to tasks around the house and children must not exceed 5 hours per day and 30 hours per week. The working hours you agree upon must allow your au pair to take a language course.

Free time

Your au pair must have one day off per week. At least once a month this day should be a Sunday.


In France, there are no clear rules when it comes to the au pairs’ holidays. Therefore, you should come to an agreement with your au pair beforehand. We at Aupair World always recommend the following: if an au pair stays with his/her host family for 12 months, he/she should get off 4 weeks during this period. If your au pair stays with you for a shorter period of time, you can reduce the days correspondingly.

Language course

It is compulsory for au pairs in France to take a language course for foreign citizens. Your au pair bears the cost of his/her languages course himself/herself. However, you as a host family should help him/her enrol in the language course, as you know your city well. If your au pair is a non-EU citizen, the enrolment into a language course is also a prerequisite for the issuing of a visa. The following institutions/organizations offer language courses: universities, adult education centres and other organizations. They offer French courses on an annual, term-time and summer basis.