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We are a 4-member family. Our lovely twins are 6 years old now. One boy and one girl who are both clever and well-behaved. They are about to attend the international school soon, so we think it’s necessary to host an au pair to help them with their English and spend some quality time with them. We used to host a girl from Australia and had a great time.



I have worked for a couple of families in the past babysitting their children. I had a terrific time working for those families and during that time I decided I wanted to build a career of working and helping children. I decided to apply to the Au Pair program because I love helping people and I love working with children. I have always wanted to travel the world and becoming an Au Pair seems to be the perfect balance of the two.



As a native speaker of English, being charismatic and highly self-motivated, I'd love to participate in this program and teach your child/children the basics to the wonders of English, and beyond. I have never been to China before, and this will be a completely new experience for me, an experience equivalent to transitioning into a new world to be explored.



My name is Alex and I’m currently studying English Language and Linguistics with Asian Studies. I have really become interested in the Chinese culture and language and would especially like to learn Mandarin. I have before spent a year in Malaysia teaching English to 12-17 year olds in a boarding school. I love children of all ages, and I am a very friendly and approachable person.



I’m 18 years old girl from Finland. I have taken care of children age 1 to 12 so I have basicly given every help they need: nappy change, bathing children, spoon-feeding and making meals, helping to get dressed, getting the child to sleep, helping with homework, playing games and sports, handwork activities, playing, singing and reading stories.



I’m an 18-year-old girl from Finland. At the moment I live with my mom, granny and little brother Leo who is now 15 years old.My father and big sister lives on their own but also in Rovaniemi. My sister, Monika is 20 years old and we often like to go and play tennis in summer time. I also like to do other sports, read, cook, bake, listen to music.



I am born in the Netherlands and I grew up in France. This fact probably forged my personality: an insatiable curiosity to discover new countries and cultures, and an unconditional talent to communicate and learn languages.For the past two years, I have been studying Chinese in a french university, but I realized that the best way to learn a language -if you didn't get the chance to grow up with it- is to go live in the country of that language.



I’m a recent university graduate with a passion for learning and extensive experience working with and mentoring kids in the capacity of a volunteer junior basketball coach for the past 9 years, working with boys and girls of all ages. I’m great with kids and am considering a future in education, so I would consider this opportunity valuable practice, and to help inform my decision to enter teaching professionally in the future.



I am a French girl. I play saxophone since I was 10, practise the orchestra and music theory for 8 years. Moreover, I have also followed music lessons in my Secondary School for 2 years and do a lot of concerts! I practise also circus for 8 years, I went to circus camps in summer and we did a tour of about 8 shows, it was an unforgettable experience !

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