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Experience China through a different perspective in the most authentic way there is – from the core of Chinese culture: family.

Our China Edu Au Pair program is a nice and safe way to explore China. As an Edu Au Pair you will live with a Chinese family for 3 to 12 months and take part in their everyday life. This unique program gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Chinese culture and to see China from a perspective which is out of reach for tourists, business travelers and even the majority of foreign students.

Learn more about our program and our placement locations. Get an idea of the Edu Au Pair experience through our Edu Au Pairs and when you are ready: check out our recent openings for Edu Au Pair placements and apply online.

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  • Mid-Autumn Culture Event- Making Beijing Lord RabbitDate:      September 9th, 2019, Monday Duration:  10:00 am -12:00 noon, around 2 hours Event:   Learning to make the Lord Rabbit; experince traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn culture; Location:  老北京兔爷商店,N …
  • Culture Event- Chinese Painting ExperienceDate: August 26, 2019, Monday Duration: 10:00 am -12:00 noon Event: Learn the basics of drawing a Chinese painting; experience traditional Chinese culture. Location: Suite 911, A.C. Embassy Hotel, No. …
  • Culture Event for Edu Aupairs in China-The Dragon Boat FestivalDate:     June 06, 2019, Thursday Duration: 10:00 am -12:00 noon, 2 hours Event:  Learn about the orgins of the festival; learn how to make traditional handicraft Location:  Suite 911, 9th Floor, Aoji …
  • Learning Mandarin-Why Red Packts Might Not be as Lucky as They Seem(HSK4)春节时,中国的长辈会给小辈钱,因为这些钱总是放在红色的纸包里,所以叫红包。一般来说红包都代表好运。但是有的时候,红包也会带来一些麻烦。 在广州,一个爸爸被要求把红包还给他儿子。这个13岁的男孩说他爸爸2016年3月把他的红包钱从银行拿走了,一共有3000元。 根据法律规定,无论年龄大小,红包钱都应该给收到红包的人。虽然爸爸妈妈可以帮孩子管红包钱,但是如果孩子不同意,他们就不能用这笔钱。所以这个爸爸 …
  • Learning Mandarin-US Burger Chain Shake Shack Opens First Restaurant in China(HSK3)很多中国人可能对美国汉堡品牌ShakeShack不怎么熟悉,但是在纽约,ShakeShack非常有名。 根据了解,ShakeShack开始只是纽约公园里一家卖热狗的餐车,后来DanielMeyer把它变成了一个餐厅,又在菜单中加了汉堡等食物。餐厅的设计非常年轻,食物的质量比较好,受到了人们的欢迎。现在,ShakeShack在世界上有200多家门店。 今年1月,ShakeShack在上海开了中国第一 …

Preferred Access to Renmin University

Did you know: Outstanding alumni of our programs looking to further their China expertise have preferred access to the English taught Contemporary China Studies Master Program at Renmin University, one of China's most prestigious Universities.

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