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Experience China through a different perspective in the most authentic way there is – from the core of Chinese culture: family.

Our China Edu Au Pair program is a nice and safe way to explore China. As an Edu Au Pair you will live with a Chinese family for 3 to 12 months and take part in their everyday life. This unique program gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Chinese culture and to see China from a perspective which is out of reach for tourists, business travelers and even the majority of foreign students.

Learn more about our program and our placement locations. Get an idea of the Edu Au Pair experience through our Edu Au Pairs and when you are ready: check out our recent openings for Edu Au Pair placements and apply online.

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  • Learning Mandarin-“Pancake Village” in Mount Tai Sells 10,000 Kg Every Day(HSK4)在山东泰山附近,有一个“煎饼村”,从很久以前就开始做煎饼。那里的煎饼都是手工做的,非常受顾客欢迎。 李勇是这个村子里一个普普通通的年轻人。看到手工做煎饼效率太低,由此他想到:为什么不做一个煎饼机呢?这样不就既快又轻松了吗?就这样,从2010年开始,他开始研究怎么做煎饼机。经过不断地努力,最终他的煎饼机成功了。用他的煎饼机来做煎饼,效率比手工做提高了两倍。并且一个人可以看五台煎饼机,也就是说,效率是 …
  • Learning Mandarin-Turtle with Two Heads Stuns Residents in Shangrao(HSK3)很多人都喜欢养宠物,比如猫猫、狗狗等。但是也有一些人喜欢比较奇怪的东西,比如说乌龟。但是两个头的乌龟,你们见过吗? 9月29日,在江西上饶,有一只两个头的乌龟吸引了很多市民的关注。据了解,这是一只巴西龟,只有3个月大,是美国和墨西哥才有的乌龟,但是在世界上很多地方都被人们当作宠物养。长了两个头是因为变异,如果把它放到野外去,不但对环境不好,它自己也很难活下去。 巴西龟正常可以活30年,但是这只双头 …
  • Learing Mandarin-Elderly Man Selle Popcorn to Pay off Dabts(HSK2)老人卖爆米花还钱 安徽有一个老人,叫马德山(Ma Deshan),今年67岁了。2006年他的妻子生病了,医生说她只能活六个月。但是他照顾得很好,他的妻子活了九年。 三年前老人的妻子去世了。他给妻子看病时欠了很多钱。现在他每天要卖爆米花来还钱,一天能卖20到30元。 Keywords: 老人 – lǎorén – old man or woman / the elderly 卖 – mài – t …
  • Learning Mandarin-Hotel Made from Chocolate in Paris(HSK1)Hotel Made from Chocolate in Paris 你听说过巧克力做的旅馆吗? 在巴黎,有一个巧克力做的旅馆。这个旅馆的房间、房间里的东西,如书和杯子都是巧克力做的。旅馆外还有个用巧克力做的鸭池。 这个旅馆能住四个人,一天50欧元。 keywords: 巧克力 – qiǎokèlì – chocolate (loanword) 做 – zuò – to do / to make …
  • Culture Event for Edu Aupairs in China – Chinese Seals ExperienceCulture Event: Experience Chinese Seals The Spirit of Chinese Culture Date:      Apil 26 2019, Friday Duration:  10:00 am -12:00 noon, 2 hours Event:   Carving your own Chinese Seals Location:  Suite …

Preferred Access to Renmin University

Did you know: Outstanding alumni of our programs looking to further their China expertise have preferred access to the English taught Contemporary China Studies Master Program at Renmin University, one of China's most prestigious Universities.

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