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Experience China through a different perspective in the most authentic way there is – from the core of Chinese culture: family.

Our China Edu Au Pair program is a nice and safe way to explore China. As an Edu Au Pair you will live with a Chinese family for 3 to 12 months and take part in their everyday life. This unique program gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Chinese culture and to see China from a perspective which is out of reach for tourists, business travelers and even the majority of foreign students.

Learn more about our program and our placement locations. Get an idea of the Edu Au Pair experience through our Edu Au Pairs and when you are ready: check out our recent openings for Edu Au Pair placements and apply online.

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  • CultureEvent: ExperienceChineseEmbroideryDate:October26,2019,Friday Duration:10:00am-12:00noon,2hours Event:ChineseEmbroidery Location:Suite911,A.C.EmbassyHotel,No.26DongzhimenwaiDajie,ChaoyangDistrict,Beijing Embroidery,afolkartwithalongtra …
  • Learning Mandarin-Chongqing Restaurant Launches Hotpot-flavoured Burger(HSK1))在重庆,人们很喜欢吃火锅。 现在,人们能在那里的一个饭馆里吃到火锅汉堡。在这个汉堡里,有很多火锅里的菜。 很多人都很喜欢去那里吃火锅汉堡。 Keywords: 火锅 – huǒguō – hotpot 汉堡 – hànbǎo – hamburger (loanword) 人们 – rénmen – people 喜欢 – xǐhuan – to like 吃 – chī – to eat 那里 – …
  • Learning Mandarin-China Top World in Number of Geological Parks(HSK4)近年来中国地质公园数量一直在增加,是世界上地质公园数量增长速度最快的国家。 日前,中国东部的两个地质公园入选了全球地质公园网络,中国世界地质公园总数增加到了39个,成为了世界第一。 这两个地质公园是九华山国家地质公园和沂蒙山地质公园。九华山国家地质公园在安徽省,面积为139.7平方公里,有三个世界级地质遗迹。沂蒙山地质公园在山东省,面积为1804.76平方公里。那儿除了有28亿年前的岩石之外,还有 …
  • Learning Mandarin-Almost 85% of people in China Guilty of Smatphone Obsession(HSK3)根据中国青年报,最近一个关于低头族玩手机的调查说,中国约有85%的人因为喜欢玩手机,成了低头族。其中,有78.9%的人因为自己玩手机,他们觉得很对不起家人和朋友们。 这个调查找了2004个中国人做了调查,其中约90%的人觉得,因为玩手机,他们和家人、朋友的关系越来越远了。30多岁的80后很同意这种感觉,有91.4%的80后担心低头族对自己生活有坏的影响。 还有71%的人担心低头玩手机对他们的眼睛和 …
  • Learning Mandarin-Meet China’s 91-year-old Basketball Enthusiast(HSK2)中国杭州的孙奶奶(GrandmaSun)今年91岁。她是个篮球迷,很喜欢在电视里看中国篮球队的比赛。 3月20日,她去篮球赛场看一场比赛。孙奶奶知道很多篮球运动员的名字。她非常高兴看到她喜欢的篮球运动员。 91岁的她身体很好。她每天买菜做饭,也喜欢学习摄影和跳舞。 Keywords: 篮球 – lánqiú – basketball 迷 – mí – fan / enthusiast 奶奶 – n …

Preferred Access to Renmin University

Did you know: Outstanding alumni of our programs looking to further their China expertise have preferred access to the English taught Contemporary China Studies Master Program at Renmin University, one of China's most prestigious Universities.

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