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I’m an 18-year-old girl from Finland. At the moment I live with my mom, granny and little brother Leo who is now 15 years old.My father and big sister lives on their own but also in Rovaniemi. My sister, Monika is 20 years old and we often like to go and play tennis in summer time. I also like to do other sports, read, cook, bake, listen to music.



My Chinese name is 晓岚。I come from Poland.I was a camp counselor 3 times for about 10 days. I was taking care for children aged 6-15. The kids were older and independant so my job was just to keep an eye on them on trips, in the hotel, also play with them and organize their free time.



I am an Ukraine girl I have been taking care of my younger cousins (4 and 6 year old) for a few hours from time to time. Many my family friends also have kids of different age, so I often play with them on various holidays and celebrations or when I visit them . Besides, I have a younger brother, even there is only 1,5-year age difference, I've been always looking after him, especially when he was little.


My name is Caroline Short Pedersen, I am currently 17 years old and I live in a big city in Norway. When I was younger I was paid to babysit my neighbor’s son all the time, I would babysit him 2-4 times a week .I have always used to look after my younger siblings as well,I have always gotten along with young children and they have liked me a lot.


I’m a 26 years old Swedish girl. I have been studying French and English at university level. I have been studying as an exchange student for one semester in Xi’an. I enjoy China and I would like to return. I love travelling and try different food. I like working with children and play with them. Teach them how to make cards and painting.


I am 19 years old, I graduated upper secondary school in May 2014 . In 2011 I did my period of work experience in a kindergarten, and in the summer of the same year I worked in a kindergarten. Both times I worked for two weeks. My responsibilities were mainly playing with the children and taking basic care of them.


I am studying French and Mandarin at University of Southampton. I believe that the only way to REALLY improve language skills is by living in the country for at least a year. I enjoy reading, drawing and watching films, and outside I enjoy presenting with my university television show and spending time with my friends.


I am an 22 year-old English boy,I have had work experience with the Jurassic World Heritage Coast Team where I taught young children about fossils and geology in 2010.I now want to use this experience to expand the capacity of children across the world in the English language and possible even in the likes of geology.


I am excited for this opportunity to come to China and learn about your language while teaching your children English . I have many years of Babysitting and tutoring experience. Since I lived in different countries I can adjust well to other customs. My goal is to become friends with you and have a good time together.


I am a 22 years old French girl. I am currently a second-year student at AgroParisTech, Paris Institute of Technology for Food, Life and Environmental Sciences which is one of the best engineering schools in France. I am really interested in culture and civilizations, drawing,painting but also in food sciences.