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Experience China through a different perspective in the most authentic way there is – from the core of Chinese culture: family.

Our China Edu Au Pair program is a nice and safe way to explore China. As an Edu Au Pair you will live with a Chinese family for 3 to 12 months and take part in their everyday life. This unique program gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Chinese culture and to see China from a perspective which is out of reach for tourists, business travelers and even the majority of foreign students.

Learn more about our program and our placement locations. Get an idea of the Edu Au Pair experience through our Edu Au Pairs and when you are ready: check out our recent openings for Edu Au Pair placements and apply online.

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Mandarin Beijing

Great teachers don't just teach, they inspire! Our students include diplomats and ambassadors as well as many of our Edu Au Pairs.

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Mandarin Beijing Program

Edu Au Pair in China

Become a China Edu Au Pair and experience this unique and exciting country from the core of its culture - the family.

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Teach in China Program

Teach in China

With a bachelors degree, a teaching certificate and 2 years of work experience, you can join us as an English Teacher!

Teach in China

Teach in China Program

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